February 2017

Planning A Party For Your Best Friend To Celebrate Her Pregnancy

If your best friend is pregnant and her due date is getting closer, it is a tradition to have a small party for her in order to treat her and let her know just how special she is. Another reason that a party, known as a baby shower is thrown is to give the mother to be gifts that she can use for the baby during the first few months.

Having a baby is a very expensive affair and new parents often find themselves overwhelmed by the expenses they have to bear in those first few months and therefore, a few of the mother to be’s friends will usually get together before the baby is born to provide the mother with gifts and essentials that she will need to ease her financial burden. You can give her anything from baby items to things that will make her life easier in those first few months because those months are some of the most tiring, stressful months of a woman’s life and every little thing helps greatly with sophie giraffe.

Find out who is hosting

Traditionally, the party is hosted by the friends of the mother to be and it is usually not something that is done by the mother as that would look like she is asking for gifts and presents. As such, find out if you will be hosting the party alone or if you will have co-hosts to host the party with. It can even be a team effort ad you can also get the family of the mother to be involved. They will usually be happy to provide snacks and drinks for the party. When choosing baby shower presents it is important for you to be tactful and for you and the other guests to coordinate the presents carefully so that you meet as many of the new mother’s needs as possible.

It would be useful for you to choose the best baby gifts but also the most useful baby gifts. New parents would prefer something practical that they would be able to use over something luxurious and expensive.

In terms of venue, you can either choose to have it at a restaurant, a hall or even at the home of the mother to be. In most cases, women will prefer to have it in their homes given their present circumstances and because they may not be very comfortable going outdoors in their condition however, it would always be a good idea to ask your friend or at least one of her family members about this.