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Selecting And Securing Your Business Name

It is essential that all businesses whether small or big have a name for itself. This name not only creates brand recognition amongst customers but also is a means of attracting new customers to the business. Choosing and protecting a name may not be as easy as it seems therefore here are some brief steps to ease the process for you.

The Name

Before a business opens up for sale a name must be chosen. Decide on a name that sums up the best of your business and can grab the attention of customers. The name is usually a single word or very few words that point out the uniqueness of the business. Some businesses may choose to name the business by the owner’s name or initials commonly found in contract lawyers North Shore firms. In some areas businesses are legally allowed to have more than one name.


The name you have chosen for your business must not be used currently by any other business in the industry especially a competitor therefore it is wise that you check the online databases. It is also important that the name doesn’t sound similar to competitors names in order to avoid confusion among customers.

DBA Statement

The ‘doing business as’ statement also called FBN statement in some countries is important to be filed. This statement ensures that your company or business name is registered and protected in the industry. DBA statement provides large-scale customers or buyers with the necessary information regarding the business owner as well. Although it isn’t necessary it is best to employ certified family law in North Shore to smoothly carry out the whole process of securing your business name. The lawyer will handle all the paperwork relating to the statement and registration and allow you to focus on other important areas of your business.

Trademark Registration

It isn’t as important for local firms but vital for global or national businesses to protect the business rights and to avoid the name being used by other business competitors. Trademark registration gives the business the power to file a legal case against name theft.

Web Address

Creating a web address is also optional but it is a great way to ensure that your business name remains solely to your business even in the internet. You can seek help from a service provider and select the best domain for your business. This is essential if you are dealing with international parties so that they can reach out to you through your web a dress without any name confusion.